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TP started off his music career back in 1990 with his cousin Boulders. What started out as a test to get into a talent show at the age of 12, turned out to be the spark behind his elusive career. Born and raised in the streets of Pittsburgh, Tony Price gained local attention by battling rival peers at school and in his neighborhood. Not long after did he form a group known as Flesh & Blood (F&B) with his cousin Boulders and newfound friend D-Mar the Rebel. As the trio stepped out their reputation started drawing attention from other citywide artists. In 1995, a meeting was set up between F&B and a group known as Mortal Body Click (MBC). The meeting went well and turned out bigger than any of them could imagine. Their union would start the beginning of a movement across Western Pennsylvania. The next year would land them a couple spots on an Underground Hip Hop show and in the studio working together on their first LP.

Just months later, the group would emerge themselves as the now 13 member cast called the Golden Hoard. Notably, they also released their compilation album almost immediately. While playing a significant part in his crew's success, TP still maintained focus on his solo ventures and started to work on his solo debut "The Revival" in 1997. While maintaining his poise and dedication for the music he still made time for new talent by collaborating on various projects across the city by writing, producing, and mixing for other artists. In 1999, TP moved to Atlanta to pursue his dreams full time and position himself to learn more about the business side of the music industry.

Since then, he has rocked sold out crowds and been offered deals with representatives of Sony, Universal, Death Row and So So Def but never signed to neither label because he felt his best interest wasn't in mind. TP's unprecedented 20 plus year career is nothing short of praise-worthy performing at high schools, festivals and such venues as the historic Hip Hop Cafe in Stone Mountain, Georgia; performed for the legendary Dr. Khalid Muhammad; worked with engineering great Glenn Schick in Atlanta and was also the first Hip Hop artist to perform at the timeless Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. TP is also a member of ASCAP writing and performing under such pseudonyms as Tony Price, Truth Power, Terry Parker, Total Punishment, Dope Cutta and many others. Those who know him personally can tell you he lives, breathes, and sleeps Hip Hop.

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